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Ad Hoc File Transfer Solutions

What Is Secure File Transfer?

Many organisations still rely on traditional FTP file transfer solutions to move sensitive data both inside and outside of the business.  However, the fundamental security flaws associated with basic FTP means that this data is left wide open to attack from hackers.  These flaws accompanied by the heightening of data security standards and powers of enforcement, mean the need for secure file transfer solutions has never been greater.

Why Do We Need A Secure File Transfer Solution?

Dropbox Data BreachAs the amount of data continues to grow, so does the need to share it securely. Small, medium and enterprise businesses all have employees who need to share files as part of their working day. Frequently employees adopt unsanctioned, consumer grade, cloud solutions such as Dropbox to get the job done. However these exist outside of company control, posing a significant threat to the governance of company data and to maintaining compliance.

The answer is for the business to implement a simple, secure solution that addresses their employee’s Ad Hoc file sharing needs.

How Does A Secure Ad Hoc File Transfer Solution Work?

Ad Hoc File Transfer ExampleTypically, the solution integrates into the employees email client allowing users to attach a file or files to send to their intended recipient. The files are stripped from the message and delivered to the file transfer server. A notification message is delivered to the external party, who is directed back to the server to collect the files via a web browser.

To ensure employees don’t revert back to using unsanctioned and unsecure tools, Ad hoc file transfer solutions need to be kept simple. For that reason building them around the most widely used business tool, email, is the logical choice.

What Are The Key Features Of A Secure File Transfer Solution?

Email Server Friendly – Ad Hoc file transfer solutions allow you to enforce your email server policy for large attachments, whilst providing a governed and secure route for sending files.

Visibility – gain complete visibility of who is sharing what, with whom. Granular logs allow IT to track which files have been downloaded, by which user and from which IP address.

End User Adoption – Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes plugin’s provide simple integration into your chosen email client. All solutions provide users with the option of a browser based, web mail interface for simple file sharing.

Send Really Large Files – Ad Hoc file transfer solutions allow users to send really large files. Utilising HTML5 and/or Java applets, files of in excess of 100Gb can be shared securely.

Which Secure File Transfer Solution?

There are many ways in which these solutions differentiate themselves. To help you choose the best Secure Ad Hoc file transfer solution for your needs, we have produced the ‘Ad Hoc Comparison Guide’. We’ve reviewed the best technologies in the marketplace and have put them in a convenient, free to download PDF which you can access here.

The guide includes solutions from Thru, Accellion, Egress, Cryptshare, Ipswitch, Globalscape and more. The products vary considerably in price and functionality, so if you want some independent advice on which solution is best for your business please contact us on 0333 123 1240.

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Working with Pro2col proved to be highly successful, they offered deep insight into different ad hoc file transfer platforms, allowing a joint decision to ensure the best fit tooling was implemented successfully for our customer.

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