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Biscom Announces Release of Secure File Transfer v5.0


Biscom, Inc. announced today that the latest version of its secure file transfer solution is now available, with updates to the web interface and support for large file uploads with HTML5 drag-and-drop support.

The company continues to establish itself as a the leading provider of secure document delivery solutions for enterprises by building easy-to-use applications for end-users with robust IT management and reporting capabilities to support internal security and compliance requirements.

The clean, modern look features a navigation bar with all of the common tasks easily accessible to users. This new navigation system, along with enhancements to workflows and configurations enable administrators to get at the information they need more quickly and to perform common tasks with fewer steps. Accessing an existing workspace, creating a new secure message, viewing administrative reports, and accessing contact lists are now only a click away.


“The new SFT user interface should please people who like using fast, responsive applications – even saving a few mouse clicks per operation can mean increased productivity over time,” said Bill Ho, president of Biscom.
“We think the HTML5 upload capability will also be a big hit for people who want drag-and-drop capabilities for uploading multiple documents simultaneously, as well as for the ability to handle very large file sizes.”