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Dropbox Alternative

dropbox_alternativeIncreasingly we’re finding that businesses are contacting us, specifically looking for a ‘Dropbox alternative’ solution to enable secure file sharing both inside and out of the organisation.  Employees adoption of consumer level services within the enterprise is on the rise as file sizes grow, pressure to get the job done quickly intensifies and internal data sharing software and policies fail to keep up with this growing trend.  Here lies the problem.  Consumer cloud services were not designed for businesses and make it difficult for IT departments to control and track the movement of sensitive data into and out of the organisation.

Here are some of the file transfer solutions we have in our portfolio that offer the features and functionality of consumer file sharing solutions that employees love, with the security measures required by IT. If you would like to find out more about our full product portfolio, please don’t hesitate to contact Pro2col on 0333 123 1240.

Product Logo Kiteworks

Accellion Kiteworks
Kiteworks is a mobile-first solution with a sophisticated user-experience and three-tier private cloud architecture designed to enable people to work securely wherever. Its design offers integrated productivity tools and universal access to enterprise content stores, making it possible for organisations to realise the productivity gains from a mobile workforce without introducing data security risks. Find out more…

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Axway DropZone
Axway DropZone provides the collaborative file sharing, and ease-of-use features found in cloud-based file sharing services; but unlike those tools, it is built from the ground up on Axway’s solid security framework. Find out more…