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Thru Releases Sync Agent for Microsoft Windows

Thru, an innovator of Cloud file transfer, is revolutionising file syncing technology with the release of Thru Sync Agent for Microsoft Windows. The new connector enables users of Thru to sync files and folders of any size directly to a folder on their Windows 7 or 8 machine. The new product goes beyond enterprise versions of sync tools to offer exceptional security and full auditing of every action that takes place on a file or folder using sync or any other connector.


Sync tools are traditionally useful for their ability to make files available across a large number of people, but control is often sacrificed for availability. For most sync applications, this means that any user with access can add, delete, or modify files and these changes are replicated to everyone in the company. What makes it worse is that these changes are often not audited and reportable. This is a real risk for many organisations.


Thru-Sync-AgentThe Thru Sync Agent combines the availability of consumer applications along with security and control that is unprecedented among enterprise file sync and share vendors.


Key Features of Thru Sync Agent Include:

  • Sync files of any size
  • Restrict actions in any folder by user
  • Comprehensive audit
  • User selects which folders to sync and can customise by device
  • Warnings and error reporting to user
  • Instant notifications
  • Available on Windows 7 & 8

Product Manager for Thru, Nick Blanton, comments, “The flexibility of the Thru Sync Agent is outstanding. For example, a manager can grant permission for a user to only view files without deleting or modifying them from their local folder. This is powerful.”

If you would like any further information regarding the Thru Sync Agent please do not hesitate to contact the Pro2col Team on 0333 123 1240.