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Aspera serves all industries that need to move large volumes of data over wide area networks in practical time frames, such as enterprise IT, games and software development, engineering and electronics, government, legal & eDiscovery, financial services, life sciences, media & entertainment and oil & gas. A pioneer in the enablement of high-speed, data-intensive workflows throughout the enterprise, Aspera has unlocked the cloud for big data with high-performance digital transport, now available on demand.

Founded in 2004 and now part of IBM Software, Aspera is headquartered in Emeryville, California with satellite offices in the United Kingdom, France and Singapore. In addition to offering a complete portfolio of software products and a comprehensive SDK platform, Aspera provides engineering services to support the custom-tailored implementation of their solutions and transfer technology in all types of enterprises.

Aspera Faspex Server LogoAspera Faspex Server
Aspera Faspex Server is a global person-to-person file delivery and collaboration platform for file-based collection, distribution, and collaboration among geographically dispersed teams. Users can send and receive digital packages using a standard web browser, a desktop application, a mobile app or an add-in for Microsoft Outlook. Ad hoc 3rd party contributions can be easily enabled. Find out more…



Other Aspera File Transfer Solutions;

Aspera Enterprise Server
Enterprise Server LogoBuilt on patented fasp™ technology, the Aspera Enterprise Server delivers maximum transfer throughput independent of distance and network conditions, typically achieving 10-100x speed improvement over FTP/SCP and HTTP, with exceptional end-to-end security, transfer and user management capabilities and bandwidth control….Read More