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Aspera Faspex Server

Aspera faspex™ provides an intuitive, efficient way for individuals and groups to collaborate and exchange files and directories of any size, over any distance. Aspera breaks the bottleneck for big data—through an easy, flexible, and secure web platform for global person-to-person file collaboration and delivery.

Users can choose from a variety of user interfaces and applications to send and receive digital deliveries including an easy-to-use web interface, an add-in for Microsoft Outlook client, Aspera faspex mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, or Aspera Cargo, a simple automatic download desktop widget.


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Key Features


  • Maximum Data Transfer Performance
    Transfers are powered by fasp™ – packages are sent at high-speed, regardless of file sizes, transfer distance or network conditions. Bandwidth is precisely controlled for maximum transfer speeds and fairness to other traffic.
  • Designed for Fast, Efficient Collaboration
    Easy-to-use email-style workflows for distributing and exchanging files and directories with individuals or teams and simple user and group management for project-based collaboration.
    Choice of interfaces for high-speed upload and download of faspex™ packages: browser plug-in, desktop applications, Microsoft Outlook add-in for package transfers directly within Outlook, and iOS mobile app supporting transfers via Wi-Fi/3G/4G.
  • Comprehensive User Management and Access Control
    LDAP directory services integration for import, synchronisation, direct authentication, and secure authentication.
    Configurable security options include session timeout, concurrent login prevention, automatic deactivation after successive failed login attempts, and comprehensive package access and expiration policies.
  • Bulletproof Security
    Configurable AES-128 data encryption available over the wire and at rest. Encryption policies can be defined for standard package sending and for ad-hoc content submission through drop boxes, and can be set system wide or per drop box.t.
  • Reliable Enterprise-Grade Solution
    Highly concurrent user connection architecture. Unlimited scale out of transfer performance and network capacity by deploying Aspera Enterprise Servers in a cluster, separate from the Aspera faspex™ web application.
    HTTP fallback for highly restrictive network environments. Active / Active highly available cluster configuration with shared storage ensures continuous availability of the faspex™ application.
  • Custom Workflow Integrations
    Enforceable custom metadata submission requirements, metadata validation, and optional output into XML files. Automatic triggering of post-processing functions after upload completion.
    Custom programmatic integrations via a command line tool or a Web Services API.
  • Cloud Ready
    Seamless integration with Amazon S3 cloud storage and optimised data transfers directly into S3 with Aspera’s Direct-to-S3 transfer technology and seamless integration with Microsoft Azure Blob storage, with high-speed transfer directly to the underlying cloud storage.
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