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Cryptshare is a hosted encrypted email and secure file transfer solution that allows staff to exchange files of any size with anyone who has an email address.
Cryptshare is quick to deploy and simple to use without the need for user accounts, remote client installations, certificates or the added complexity of private and public key infrastructure. All users have the option to provide and retrieve files via an internet browser or through the MS Outlook plug-in, which is also provided free of charge.




Key Features

  • Simple and Intuitive to Use
    Cryptshare is easy to deploy and use, requiring no user administration, no client software and no end user training. It works within existing email clients (Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes), or as a web-based application
  • Use from Any Device
    With Cryptshare any device with browser and access to e-mail can be used to send or retrieve files and messages. Whilst the use of those files may be limited by the device for example read only on iPads, being able to give secure and controlled access whilst reducing the risk that users will resort to using insecure public cloud services to share data files.
  • Encrypts Emails and Files
    All data is exchanged via SSL/HTTPS connections and all files are virus scanned and stored using AES 256 bit encryption which satisfies current CESG and Data Protection requirements. Cryptshare also provides comprehensive file tracking, logging and auditing for PCI, SOX, CoCo, Data Protection, Freedom of Information and other compliance requirements
  • No More Costly File Size Issues
    Cryptshare can handle files of any size, both emails and their attachments. Large files are automatically reduced in size, enabling easier sending via email and reduced storage space requirements..

  • Bi-Directional File Transfer
    Those who receive emails and files via Cryptshare can also reply securely using the same browser interface, without a license, client software or any other costs involved.
  • Reduced Resource Demands on the email server
    Cryptshare eliminates all FTP security and support issues and reduces email storage / archiving and resource usage.
  • Enhanced Control
    With Cryptshare each transfer is accompanied by automatic email notifications to sender and recipient at each stage in the process and a detailed log file can be retained. The business can also determine and create a range of policies to ensure compliance, for example who can use the system and in which way, allowing certain employees to send to the world or only to certain recipients.
  • Build on what you have
    Cryptshare is available in Windows IIS, various Linux and Virtual Appliance versions. It can also grow with your business, as a single installation of Cryptshare can support from 25 to 100,000 users.
  • Customisable
    The entire Cryptshare user interface can be customised with corporate branding.