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Biscom Secure File Transfer is a division of Biscom that focuses on the secure delivery of files of any size and format. As a web application, this is a simple application that anyone can use to send large files or confidential documents as easily as sending email. With support for LDAP, Outlook, and a cross platform desktop client, Biscom Secure File Transfer is an enterprise solution for companies looking to deploy an application that addresses the security, compliance, and file attachment problems of email and FTP.

Biscom’s integration with MobileIron’s AppConnect mobile device and application management environment enhances Biscom’s strong security by preventing leakage of sensitive corporate data to unauthorised apps and unsecure file transfer methods.

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Biscom Secure File Transfer is a secure file transfer solution that enables users to send large files, documents, and messages securely while maintaining a complete transaction and audit trail. Biscom Secure File Transfer is an ideal email attachment management solution, makes file delivery hassle-free, and frees up the IT department from managing an unsecure and cumbersome FTP server. Find out more…

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