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Egress Switch

Egress Switch is designed to protect and control shared information wherever it goes and however it gets there.

wwo-email-encryptionSecure Email
In 2013, Egress Switch became the UK’s first Goverment CPA Foundation Grade certified email encryption product. As such, Switch is currently the only CESG approved product for sharing sensitive information up to OFFICIAL and UNOFFICIAL SENSITIVE across the internet inside and outside UK Government.


wwo-secure-file-transferSecure File Transfer
Leveraging government certified key management, Egress Switch enables users to maintain security and control when sharing highly sensitive information with external third parties. In addition, to make the process of sharing files, regardless of size, even easier, full integration with Microsoft Outlook, enables users to simply attach files as normal within the Client, rather than relying on a third party application.



Additional Modules;


wwo-secure-web-formsSecure Web Form
Egress Switch Secure Web Form is a secure and simple-to-use online mechanism for sharing sensitive information and large file attachments between external users and organisations.

wwo-secure-work-spaceSecure Workplace
Egress Switch Secure Workspace offers end-to-end secure collaboration as part of an extended information sharing platform.

Key Features

Ease of Use

  • Transparently encrypt email message body and attachments at the client, web interface, gateway or mobile device
  • Encrypt information on CD/DVD and USB removable media
  • Upload information securely to the internet (HTTP(s), FTP(s), MS Sharepoint)
  • View a full audit of where, when and by whom information has been accessed. With added control over who can access the information you send.
  • Integrates with existing workflow and processes

Recipient Experience

  • Simple ‘one-time’ sign-up process
  • Zero footprint web interface provides secure instant access to email and large files
  • Free of charge for recipients to send and receive encrypted data
  • Simple ‘one-click’ application streamlines experience and does not require elevated privileges
  • Free mobile and client applications for integrated access. Apps available include Mac OSX, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry

Security Accreditation

  • Secure authentication and user enrolment
  • Automatic AES 256 bit encryption
  • Utilises FIPS 140-2 certified libraries
  • CESG CPA Foundation Grade certified email encryption product
  • Accredited data centres to ISO 27001/9001
  • Fully configurable user interface and recipient experience
  • Supports security classification and disclaimers
  • Egress hosted cloud storage provides ease of use for sharing large files


  • Centrally administered user policies
  • Immediately revoke access to data/files, even after they have been sent
  • Policy controls can enforce encryption based on security classification
  • Policies can be configured based on: Data type, content and location, recipient and classification, size of data and media type
  • Tiered administration allows delegated management of users and policies at organisation or departmental level