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Globalscape Mail Express

If employees aren’t provided with an easy way of sending large files through their workflow, they’ll bypass your secure systems and find another channel. Typically, large attachments are sent through personal email accounts and other unapproved methods, bypassing corporate IT policies. This makes the obligatory task of securing sensitive data impossible.

The good news: Mail Express has both a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and an easy to use web interface. With these simple means at their disposal, anyone can share large files (up to 25GB) with no technical knowledge needed.

Mail Express can now be fully integrated into Globalscape’s EFT managed file transfer platform. You’ll get full file transfer visibility from within EFT.




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Key Features


  • Easily Send Large Files via Email Securely
    Files can be sent and received through an easy web client or right from Microsoft Outlook in the form of a secure email attachment.
  • Simple and Easy to Use
    Mail Express software is seamless with no learning curve for end users. Even your most inexperienced end users will be able to email large files with no technical training.
  • Reduce Storage Costs
    Because large files are sent through Mail Express and stored on the secure Mail Express server instead of your mail server, you can dramatically reduce your storage costs.
  • Enhanced User Control
    Internal users can specify preferences when sending their files through the Outlook add-in such as: setting a link expiration date, requesting a notification when files are picked up, setting a required password for downloading and uploading files and much more…
  • Integrates with Globalscapes’ Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Platform
    Full file transfer visibility from within EFT, when Mail Express is fully integrated.