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Maytech provides a global cloud platform for secure and reliant data transfer anywhere.

Launched in 2006, Maytech operate a global data network with hubs in London, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai and Sydney providing accelerated transfers and fast regional downloads worldwide. A comprehensive suite of controls, featuring multi-layered security, granular controls and details tracking and logging, enables compliance with global security and privacy standards.

Eight hundred organisations in 35 countries spanning 60 industries rely on Maytech for mission critical workflows and global data distribution and acquisition. The company is privately held, with their head office based near London here in the UK.

Customers’ data is stored at their selected locations and can also be replicated, to any other hub, for accelerated global file exchange and additional resilience. Customers rely on this network for demanding file transfer which includes very large files, multiple files in automated workflows, or fast and reliable transfers to otherwise difficult locations.

Maytech Quatrix 

Simple one step web-based secure file sharing with enterprise level controls empowering IT to enforce compliance, data protection and information security policies. Find out more…

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Other Maytech File Transfer Solutions include;

Maytech FTP-Stream
FTP-Stream LogoFTP-Stream is an advanced data transfer platform providing a unique site with granular administration controls and compliant with global security standards. Transfer protocols include SFTP, FTP and HTTP(S)…..Read More