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Maytech Quatrix

Quatrix Business by Maytech provides simple one step web based file sharing for end users with enterprise level controls, empowering IT to enforce compliance, data protection and information security policies through granular administrative controls and a full audit trial. Quatrix Business is also white labelled to fully integrate with your brand and corporate identity.

Files are securely shared over HTTPS and protected at rest using AES-256 encryption which is suitable for most business workflows. In addition, there is a unique user friendly PGP encryption feature which provides advanced security for highly confidential data. This is disabled as a default setting but can be enabled as a global setting by the account administrator. For more information on our PGP encryption feature please see the relevant section at the end of this document.

Also available as a module in Maytech’s Managed File Transfer Solution; FTP Stream.


FNTC Logo“Quatrix Business is definitely the right product for our needs, so thank you to Pro2col for all your help and advice selecting it.”

Richard Leatherbarrow

Principal IT & Innovation Manager, FNTC

Key Features

For IT;

  • Quick to provision, integrate and scale.
  • Rapid end-user adoption and acceptance.
  • Underpinned by full enterprise security features.
  • Data is encrypted in transit with HTTPS and at rest with AES-256 bit encryption as standard.
  • Comprehensive logs and tracking for all user activity.
  • Central control over: • Password policies • Branding and integration • Compliance / disclaimer email footers
  • PGP encryption for highly sensitive files.
  • 24/7 phone and email support.

For End Users;

  • Easy one step file sharing.
  • Send any file up to 2 GB (up to 10GB from October 2014).
  • Built-in address book.
  • Set release and expiry dates.
  • Password protect files.
  • Notifications on download.
  • Generate and send links to acquire files from external contacts.
  • Personal tracking – a comprehensive history showing full detail on all files shared, downloaded and acquired.
  • Revoke shared files.
  • Project folders.