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Thru Inc

With over 10 years of innovation and experience, Thru provides a globally deployed cloud-based Secure Managed File Transfer platform. The platform is built from the ground up to meet the reliability, flexibility, scalability, and security needs of enterprise customers.

Thru has no limits: unlimited file size, unlimited number of files, unlimited folders and sub folders on the platform. As the first to publish a flexible and extensive Web services API, Thru is easily accessed by other cloud or premised based applications. Thru’s reliable platform has one of the strongest cloud SLAs with a 100% uptime guarantee, empowering business to be conducted without disruption. Security is based on a multi-layer model, including comprehensive network protection, application security, business continuity and disaster recovery. Thru’s unique combination of innovation and experience allows the company to provide a secure file sharing platform for the enterprise, replace unmanageable and difficult to use FTP servers, remove burden from corporate email servers, and transfer files securely around the world.

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The Thru Dropbox™ Managed File Transfer Platform is a comprehensive solution for file transfer across businesses and enterprises. As an extremely flexible solution, the Platform is well known for satisfying a multitude of use cases and workflows. Find out more…

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