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Thru Dropbox™

Thru’s Enterprise File Sharing and Collaboration Solution offers organisations a secure enterprise platform for employees to exchange files and folders of any size – from any device or location. As an extremely flexible solution, the Platform is well known for satisfying a multitude of use cases and workflows.
As an alternative to email attachments and third party file sharing, Thru removes file size limits, increases transfer speeds, and allows administration to track, audit and report various actions.


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Key Features

  • Send Large Files with Out-of-the-Box Connectors
    Send files or folders of any size from existing workflows with multiple out-of-the-box Connectors for Outlook, SharePoint, Salesforce.com, and IBM Notes. Sync large files to your Windows file system with Thru Sync Agent for Microsoft Windows.
  • Thru Dropbox™
    Users can securely receive large files of any size by sending links to Thru Dropbox™. All files uploaded to a user’s Thru Dropbox™ are encrypted and scanned for viruses and malware, enabling safe bi-directional file exchange for users.
  • Protect Customer and Company Information
    Secures corporate data in transfer and at rest with encryption, full antivirus scanning, and manual expiration settings for sent files. Users can also set an optional login and password requirement for any file or folder sent.
  • Enterprise Mobility
    Access and exchange large files on-the-go with Thru native mobile apps and a Thru web application.
  • Audit Trail
    A major advantage is the auditing of all interactions. Administrators can search, filter, and report various activities based on date, user, application, and unique tracking numbers.

  • Access Control
    Minimise the risk of data breaches and leaks with powerful access controls for all files. Choose which users may download, upload, receive, send, or sync files.
  • Global Delivery
    Increase transfer speeds and the efficiency of large file deliveries with Thru’s Global Content Delivery Network for low latency uploads and downloads. No matter what region of the world, geo-steering technology connects users to the nearest data center to exchange files at the fastest possible speed.
  • Seamless Integration
    Customise applications to enhance file transfer processes and secure the flow of sensitive data across multiple end points. Integrate into existing applications or web portals and maintain brand consistency.
  • Flexible Deployment
    Thru Ad Hoc File Transfer has multiple options for deployment: Cloud, on-premises and hybrid. Various organisations choose Thru for their ability to meet strict requirements such as centralising data on-premises while syncing specified data to a remote Cloud.



  • Architecture – SOA architecture with a global content delivery network and multiple endpoint connections to the system. Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment options.
  • File and Folder Transfers – Thru easily and securely transfers files or folders of any size or type to any location in the world.
  • Mobile – Secure access to corporate data from any Web enabled device. Secure Dropbox enables users to receive files from any external members.
  • Collaboration – Thru secures ongoing sharing for collaboration on projects and publishing.
  • Security – FIPS 140-2 Cryptography, full anti-virus scanning of every file.
  • Auditing – Fully auditable with tracking of every action on a file or folder in the system.
  • Administration – Robust and simple, including rapid onboarding, retention policies for file deletion and options for customisation.